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It Makes a Difference

“It makes a difference to this one,” said the young man as he returned a beached starfish to the sea.  We of Solutions made a small difference as well after spending 5 days in the La Sal Mountains working with the Grand Canyon Trust to preserve wilderness environments.  A wetland fouled by free range cattle, an old growth Aspen stand compromised by grazing and man’s lack of understanding, both in need of our help.  If recovery is about returning to our true nature, than the path we and the planet on which we walk have common ground. What better way to experience it than to immerse oneself in the common quest of healing? Our efforts in the grand scheme may appear miniscule, but when we make a difference to just one, we claim our place on this planet.    Peace! For more pictures of the trip please click on the picture…

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My Life has been Blessed

I have been anticipating the Solution’s trip to Pine Ridge since the first time I heard about it.  I knew that going into a new environment could potentially be out of my comfort zone but could be a whole new experience for me. In the past, I had gone to the Cherokee reservation in North Carolina with my church so I thought the experience would be similar. However, when I arrived at Pine Ridge I was overcome by the amount of poverty and division amongst the tribe; what I had read about could not describe what I saw.  I found myself feeling a mix of emotions for the reservation and the Lakota people. There was anger towards the history of the broken treaty and massacres, confusion as to how the People stood united, compassion towards the significant social issues (suicide, alcoholism, health issues, poverty) that they faced, and frustration as…

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Reunited with the Jaywalker Family

Up until three months ago my life had become overtaken once again by the beast of addiction. I had become a cripple on a couch. Another job lost and a lot of strained relationships. I was fearful to do anything except get to a liquor store. I had been beaten once again into submission. I knew I couldn’t make it any longer the way I was going.   Scared as hell, I jumped in the car and drove, obliterated, to CeDAR in Denver, CO. Still without surrender, and with a lot of drama with police and staff, I was accepted on a ten-day-evaluation. Still no true change of heart, I felt relief. I was going to get the help I needed. It took almost a week to get over feeling sorry for myself, and some convincing not to just walk out. I ended up staying, and after a few days…

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Mostly epic and high of 7

Temperatures hovered in the single digits under a bright cold sky, but our spirits were soaring atop a foot of fresh powder at Snowmass Mountain today. Jaywalker alumni, staff and friends rallied at the top of Big Burn for a few carefree turns together following 24 hours of steady snow dumps in the Western Rockies. For my part, I trailed the pack and found myself carving cautious turns in the deep snow and among the evergreens. At what point, officially, did I become so much older and so much slower than these guys? Who cares… I felt awesome, and aware of how great it is just to be among them. Joy, abundance, and meaning? Yeah, this was a great day, and what more can we ask for than that? Bobby F. – Founder and CEO, Jaywalker Lodge