Tag: 5th Annual Sedona Mountain Bike Trip

Flying High in Recovery

I remember driving the Jaywalker Lodge Sprinter to Sedona in 2013, I had the distinct thought that I didn’t want to make that arduous 10 hour drive ever again but instead I wanted to fly to Sedona next time.  My father has been a private pilot for 50 years and I grew up flying planes with him.  I finally decided to get my Private Pilot’s license in the fall of 2012.  So when we drove to Sedona last year I was about halfway through the process of getting my license, so I made a commitment to finish that summer and fly to Sedona in 2014.  I completed my training and got my pilots license in the fall of 2013.  My father was very excited.  He had always wanted me to fly, but as we all know, addiction has a tendency to derail the best laid plans.  I have always loved…

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