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Service Trip to the Maroon Bells

Solutions recent service trip was up near Aspen at the base of North Maroon; doing trail restoration with the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative.  We at Solutions are very familiar with car camping.  We’ve become quite adapt with our giant griddle for bacon and pancakes, my Neo-Air Dream sleeping pad, and trash bags that we can fill at will.  When I started planning the trip up to the Bells; I realized this was going to be much different than the usual car camping. Thankfully, I had Lodge Expedition Assistant Dave Krimstock to help me prepare.  The two of us got all the food ready, split the tents up, and packed the packs.  We got enough food to feed the equivalent of 30 normal people.  It was a lot of supplies (including shovels and heavy pick axes) to pack two miles up an inclined trail to get to base camp.  Luckily we had…

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New Orleans 2014

A mouth full of gold, jailhouse tats, and a broken story from a mended man.  Bobby G. shared his climb from the bowels of Angola to the horizon of his possibilities.  His addict menace had broken him down to a shell of a man.  8 years of cell block endurance, 2 of those in solitary. He had wept in anguish, feeling written off by all he had known. He arose to reclaim his soul in the rooms of recovery, finding a meeting the day of his release. He is now free, he is now humble, he will never forget. NOLA too has wept in anguish, 8+ years ago gutted by Katrina.  There were suggestions at the time that this city also be written off, abandoned, left for dead. Too much damage, too much money, too monumental a task to bring her back. Those suggestions have been proven preposterous, for the…

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Holiday Cooking

Last week at Jaywalker I was given the opportunity to prepare dinner with Michael M. for all of the clients at Jaywalker Lodge who stayed around for the holidays, about 25 people. It was a great experience. We filled in for Chef Brian, giving him relief between Christmas and New Year’s. Brian and I prepared a menu a few days in advance and Brian ensured all ingredients and cooking directions were well laid out. Although it was hard to match Brian’s stellar cooking, our meal was well received by all. We started cooking around noon preparing: seasoned roasted potatoes, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, and a deconstructed chicken cordon bleu (seared chicken breasted with a ham and provolone sauce-masterfully crafted by Michael). Cooking has been a long time hobby of mine; to be able to work with Chef Brian and prepare this meal gave me a great sense of accomplishment. Working with…

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