Basalt Men’s Basketball League Champions!

By: Alex Cable On the Eve of December 11, the men of Jaywalker Lodge went to war. The finals for Basalt’s Men’s Basketball League was under way and unlike last year, where our Jaywalker men won without question, we were not the favorite. Our team dealt with a lot of adversity this year and lost almost half of the games they played in during the regular season. The Jaywalker team was the 5th seed when the playoffs came around, which out of 6 possible playoff spots meant we were the underdog. The men won their wild card game with ease and moved on to the finals but the day of the finals would prove to be an uphill battle. Our team played in the semifinal game at 6pm last night and for 90% of the night they were down on the scoreboard. Emotions ran high coming into the last minute…

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12 Tips for Staying Sober During the Holiday Season

Remaining sober can be especially hard during the holidays.  Family gatherings, holiday parties, and other social occasions can be very difficult for someone who is in early recovery.  Thoughts of past holiday occasions often bring up memories of celebratory drinking or drugs. Although it can be very hard to get used to the idea of a sober holiday season, especially when other people around you are seemingly having a great time celebrating by using substances, completing a stay at a treatment center is an accomplishment that you should be proud of. Take this opportunity to celebrate not only the holidays, but also your new life of sobriety, which is something really worth celebrating.  If you find yourself struggling during the holiday season, please remember that you are not alone.  Help is only a phone call or meeting away!  Here are some helpful and practical tips to make staying sober easier:…

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There is one key to happiness: Gratitude

By: Dirk Eldredge“There is one key to happiness: Gratitude. Gratitude and discontent cannot co-exist. They’re like light and darkness. Choose Gratitude daily and you will find joy.” Seems so simple right………. My recovery makes everything else possible in my life. Being a Father , a husband , a friend and a member of our family. All of this I’m most grateful for. Yet, losing sight of the light I  found through gratitude, while I drop back into darkness, is so easy to do. During this holiday, I hope each of us can find peace and centeredness through the absolute abundance of grace we have been granted. Tell everyone close to you that you love them and you appreciate them, as they may be gone tomorrow. During this season I want to “Pause” and just “Be”. How about realizing that we are all in this together and that Love is the…

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Dance and Tell

By: Patrick  Shaffer For as long as I can recall, dancing has made me extremely uncomfortable.  Don’t get me wrong, I love music of all types, when singing in my truck I have been called, ‘the songbird of my generation.’  I am not sure if fear, perception, or inexperience inhibits me, but I was presented with an impromptu opportunity to further explore.  Ron Armstrong and Heather Hayward made their way to Colorado for a visit, and after hearing them describe their vision of Dance and Tell, I felt obligated to share my vulnerability. As a man in recovery, I have learned to thrive in uncomfortable situations; to walk through them with support of others around me.  Ron detailed how perfect he can be in a professional environment, yet, struggle in raw self-expression and dance, I relate. I thought, “shoot, this is one of those times I have to speak up.” …

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5 Reasons Why Keeping Commitments will make you a better person overall

5 Reasons Why Keeping Commitments will make you a better person overall By Nicole Graham You wake up 20 minutes after your alarm has gone off. You rush to the shower, frantically brush your teeth, speed to work and still walk through the doors 10 minutes late. You’ve been living this routine for as long as you can remember, and you know it needs to stop. At some point during the year, many of us take time to reflect on what we could do better. Maybe we could keep better track of our finances or stop binging on Netflix until 4 am. We get all geared up to make a change, but then the thrill wears off. Before you know it, the commitment you made to yourself a mere three months earlier becomes a distant memory. If you can’t keep your commitments to yourself, how will you keep the lunch dates, promises and agreements you have…

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Making the most out of Service Work

Countless times I’ve been told service work is a cornerstone to a solid life in recovery. Service commitments at meetings, working with sponsees, and volunteer work are all common examples of how we as recovering alcoholics and addicts attempt to get out of ourselves and move towards more selfless lives. Thus far in my own recovery, volunteering and helping others has assisted me through numerous tough times by allowing me to focus on something other than my own current dilemma. Don’t get me wrong, the volunteer gigs don’t always come with the most exciting or enjoyable work assignments, but that makes these experiences perfect practice for life! I have found that a little bit of humor and imaginative fun while volunteering is extremely contagious amongst people I interact with at an event, and in the same way, I know that my own day is often made better just by seeing…

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Anything is Possible — Jaywalker Lodge 5K

Please join us for the first annual Jaywalker Lodge 5K run through the beautiful town of Carbondale, CO. Registration and start of the race will be at Jaywalker Lodge. Tshirt, beverages and snacks will be provided at the race. Families welcome, kids 12 and under are free. Awards will be presented to the top three male and female runners. Registration fees before July 1st are: Participants 13+ = $20.00 Alumni = $15.00 Contact Nikki Soda – 303-550-9982 or with any questions.

Chutes, Steaks, and Sobriety

Last week a few lucky employees and IOP Clients went to Moab for the first expedition of the year. Lenny B also celebrated his 64th birthday with a dinner out at the Sunset Grill, and his 7th jump. Lenny has helped so many men to achieve lasting sobriety and celebrating him with the current IOP clients was memorable. The focal point of any IOP expedition is golf, hiking, and skydiving. The guys had a beautiful sunny day to “enjoy” the view from high above Moab. Stanley, Dave, and myself are all IOP grads. The opportunity to spend a few days with the guys was a great way to give back and share our experience with them. Thank you Lenny for all you do, Peyton Ward Alumni Coordinator

The Money Drop

Our newest day technician, Wesley Shelmire, recently took a trip home for a “sober spring break!” Now, this wasn’t any normal Spring Break. Between AA meetings and working on his program, Wesley took it upon himself to send it off some cliffs. This wasn’t some rinky-dink waterfall. This was the 60 foot “Money Drop,” waterfall in Southern Washington. This was a big part of Wes’s life before coming to Jaywalker and he has been able to rediscover this hobby in sobriety. Wesley, we are glad you had an amazing trip and glad you made it back to us in one piece!

Bobby Celebrates 24

Happy 24th Birthday to our Founder and friend, Bobby Ferguson! Bobby has inspired us all through his visionary approach to life in sobriety. He is a fantastic husband to his beautiful bride, Andi, and father to his two overachieving and,” oh so kind children, Harry and Calli!” Your amazing family and the creation of Jaywalker Lodge would not have been possible, if not for your 24 years of passionate commitment to the program of AA! Bobby’s recovery is truly a great example of the fact that, “recovery is a promise of your future, not a consequence of your past.” All of us at Jaywalker Lodge thank you for your passionate commitment to the fact that all things are possible for each of us in recovery. Your vision and commitment to create and build Jaywalker Lodge into one of the finest providers of care in the country, is something each of…

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