Our Team

Jaywalker adheres to a whole-person approach to addiction treatment, directed by a multi-disciplinary team of substance abuse and health professionals.

Our passionate and devoted team of addiction treatment professionals recognize how deeply their role affects a Jaywalker’s experience. We foster an exceptional work environment for our staff of experts—one that allows them to effectively create a impactful, healing environment for the needs of a Jaywalker.

All clinical and administrative staff at Jaywalker Lodge have extensive experience in the field of residential addiction treatment and rehab; many are grateful participants in their own recovery from the disease of alcohol and drug addiction.

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Executive Staff

  • Bob Ferguson
    Bob Ferguson

    Bob Ferguson

    Prior to opening Jaywalker Lodge on April 14, 2005, founder Bob Ferguson served for over 10 years in senior management and business development positions at three of the premier residential programs in the addiction treatment field:

    • Hazelden Foundation (1995 – 2001)
    • Crossroads Antigua (2001 – 2003)
    • Promises Malibu (2003 – 2004)

    In his role as Founder, Bob oversees Jaywalker’s Chief Executive Officer, Dirk Eldredge. Bob continues to remain active in the Roaring Fork River Valley community, where he serves of the Board of Directors of the following organizations:

    • The Valley Partnership for Drug Prevention
    • Colorado Advocates for Recovery
    • The Right Door
    • Aspen Jr. Lacrosse

    Bob lives with his wife and two children in Snowmass Village, Colorado. When he’s not at Jaywalker Lodge, Bob stays busy coaching his kids’ hockey and lacrosse teams. Above all, Bob is most grateful for his own recovery from addiction which began in February 1992 at a wonderful four-month residential treatment program… one that would later serve as the inspiration for Jaywalker Lodge.

  • Dirk Eldredge
    Dirk Eldredge
    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    Dirk Eldredge

    Dirk lives a purposeful and passionate life in recovery. He is the founder and former CEO of Surrender Interventions and Alchemy Interventions; both based in Los Angeles, CA. As CEO, Dirk oversees all aspects of Jaywalker’s administrative, clinical, and financial operations at Jaywalker; as well as supervising the marketing, admissions and alumni functions.

    “My journey has been an awesome adventure, and Jaywalker represents an exciting new chapter for me,” says Dirk. He has recently completed a four-year stint as Life Coach with the 2014 Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks. “Being a part of a world championship organization has been the thrill of a lifetime; and now I am excited to join Jaywalker’s team in a role where my experience will be of service to our amazing staff, clients and families.”

    Dirk graduated from the University of Southern California with a BS in Political Science and, more recently, from Loyola Marymount University with a degree in Drug and Alcohol Counseling. He holds a CADC-I certification, as well as credentials as a Board Registered Interventionist and Certified Intervention Specialist.

  • Stefan Bate, MA, LAC
    Stefan Bate, MA, LAC
    Chief of Clinical Operations

    Stefan Bate, MA, LAC

    Stefan grew up in Northern Iowa before moving to Colorado to study psychology at the University of Denver.  Post college, Stefan worked in the baking industry for several years before starting his own recovery journey in 2007.   Stefan is a graduate of Jaywalker Lodge, and it was during his own treatment experience that he became interested in pursuing a career in addiction treatment.


    Stefan holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Psychology from Regis University and is a Licensed Addiction Counselor in the state of Colorado.  Stefan has wide-ranging experience in the field of addiction recovery including: working as a recovery coach, therapist, and program director.  Stefan also has extensive experience designing and implementing addiction treatment and recovery support programs.  Helping people engage in effective treatment, build a solid foundation for real world recovery and participate in a life of true fulfillment are his specialties.


    In his free time, Stefan enjoys playing in the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains and spending quality time with his wife and their two children.

  • Pat Shaffer
    Pat Shaffer
    Chief of Admissions & Marketing

    Pat Shaffer

    Pat was raised in Denver, Colorado with one younger sister.   He attended the University of Colorado and worked in his family’s business for 10 years before beginning his life in recovery at Jaywalker Lodge in 2009.

    After graduating from Jaywalker Lodge in 2009, Pat stayed in the Carbondale community volunteering, working, and continuing his education where he built on his professional background of product design, production, logistics, operations management, marketing, and business development.

    Since 2011, Pat has worked in all programs within the Jaywalker continuum of care and currently oversees the Marketing and Admissions Division and is as a member of the Executive Team.  Pat’s valuable history with Jaywalker Lodge and prior professional experience make him the ideal leader for business development in our specialized industry.

    Pat is a dynamic resident in the Roaring Fork Valley, both in the recovery community as well as his personal life. He is an active member and volunteer with the Carbondale Fire Department and a regular at Sopris Crossfit. A few of the many activities he enjoys in the valley are snowboarding, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and spending time with his wife and two dogs.

  • Kortney Hartman
    Kortney Hartman
    Chief of Business Operations

    Kortney Hartman

    Kortney grew up in the Roaring Fork Valley living the typical mountain life.  After graduating from Basalt High School, she attended Mesa State College where she earned her Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Economics.  After college, Kortney craved the mountain life style, so she returned home to the Roaring Fork Valley.

    Kortney joined the Jaywalker Lodge team in December of 2011 and brings a passion for life and the outdoors.  A few of the many activities she enjoys are skiing, mountain biking, hiking with her dog, fishing and Crossfit.

Clinical Staff

  • Dr. Alan Nelson MD
    Dr. Alan Nelson MD
    Medical Director

    Dr. Alan Nelson MD

    Dr. Nelson has owned and operated his private practice here in Carbondale and Aspen prior to joining Jaywalker as the Medical Director. Dr. Nelson will be responsible for establishing safe medical protocols for medication management and conducting initial psychiatric evaluations on each admission. He will also provide consultation for the staff.

    Before coming to Jaywalker, Dr. Nelson was the Director of Behavioral Health at Aspen Valley Hospital, Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at Loma Linda University School of Medicine, and was a consultant to The Surgeon General of The United States C. Everett Coop.

    Professionals memberships include; American Psychiatric Association, American Academy of Addictions Psychiatry, and the Neuro-science Educational Institute.

    Alan is an avid biker and skier and loves to write songs and play the guitar. Probably the most interesting fact about “The Doc” was that he was a candidate for NASA to be a shuttle astronaut but declined the position due to his wife’s concern of being a single parent.

  • Marny Nedlin PhD
    Marny Nedlin PhD

    Marny Nedlin PhD

    Working in private practice for over 20 years, Dr. Nedlin is licensed in Colorado, New York, and Florida where she has provided clinical services to individuals, children, couples, families, and family businesses. Currently, she maintains a private practice while also working as a therapist at Jaywalker.

    Dr. Nedlin received her Ph.D. in Family & Marriage therapy and Masters degree in Forensic Psychology. She is also a clinical member of the American Psychological Association and a Clinical Fellow of The American Association of Family & Marriage.

    Dr. Nedlin embraces Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) along with a Client-Directed Outcome Informed (CDOI) approach. CBT is a blend of two therapies: cognitive therapy (CT) and behavioral therapy. CT focuses on a person’s thoughts and beliefs, and aims to alter one’s unhealthy thinking to be more adaptive and healthy. Behavioral therapy focuses on changing unhealthy behavior patterns. She has had the privilege of witnessing dramatic transformations using CBT with clients and is applying her experience and compassion with clients at Jaywalker.

    Effective therapy provides a process for helping clients to better understand, and manage their complex emotional lives and relationships. Dr. Nedlin works with clients to: Reduce feelings of depression, inferiority, and anxiety; Build on their own strengths to improve perspective; Build a set of healthy thinking patterns and healthier coping responses to stressful situations while also increasing compassion and healthy self-esteem. Dr. Nedlin provides between-session worksheets to build retention and reinforce coping skills and techniques.

    When not working, Dr. Nedlin enjoys spending time with her family and friends hiking, listening to music, bike riding, going to the theater and traveling.

  • Leonard Beaulieu, MEd, CACIII
    Leonard Beaulieu, MEd, CACIII
    Lodge Program Director

    Leonard Beaulieu, MEd, CACIII

    Lenny has spent the past 28 years promoting the personal and academic development of adolescents and adults from varied backgrounds in clinical, wilderness, and urban settings. Over the course of these years, he has developed professional, administrative, and managerial skills in the Outdoor Adventure, Clinical Substance Abuse Treatment, and Education fields.

    Lenny began his clinical work in alcohol and substance abuse counseling in 1983 at Beech Hill Hospital in Dublin, NH. During his 9 years at Beech Hill Hospital he was instrumental in the development and implementation of an innovative adolescent wilderness treatment program as part of a joint venture with the Hurricane Island Outward Bound School. Lenny eventually rose to Clinical Director of the Beech Hill/Outward Bound program before leaving in 1992 to direct intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment programs for adults in Rutland and Brattleboro, Vermont.

    Lenny moved to New York City in 1994 to direct the New York City Outward Bound Center’s adventure education programs. He spent 10 years working to improve the academic skills of NYC’s public school students by developing and overseeing exciting and innovative literacy programs for students and training programs for teachers.

    Since moving to Colorado in 2004 Lenny has continued to focus on serving the community, and in May 2009 joined the staff at Storm King Case Management in Glenwood Springs, Colorado as a Clinical Case Manager–a position he continues to hold on a part time, as needed basis. Lenny spent a year at Aspen Counseling Center, from July 2010 to July 2011, providing all of the DUI education and therapy for the upper Roaring Fork Valley. In July 2011, Lenny joined Jaywalker Lodge, a private treatment facility for substance addiction in Carbondale, Colorado as a consultant. Lenny currently directs the Intensive Outpatient Programs for Jaywalker Lodge. Lenny also maintains a limited private practice working with substance abuse and addiction clients.

    Lenny received his Master’s Degree in Education in 1988 from Cambridge College. He received his CAC III certification in Colorado in March 2010. Lenny lives in Carbondale, Colorado and lives with his wife, Lara and their four cats.

  • Lois Porcelain CACIII
    Lois Porcelain CACIII
    Lodge Senior Counselor

    Lois Porcelain CACIII

    Lois grew up in New York and has been with Jaywalker since we opened our doors in 2005. After battling addiction, Lois has been clean and sober for over 25 years and has been in addiction counseling for 23 years. Lois completed the Hazelden Counselor Training Program in 1992 and currently holds a CACIII through the state of Colorado. Lois has been a vital part here at Jaywalker and gets to do what she loves, working with addicts and alcoholics.

    Lois has been married for 19 years and has raised two lovely daughters. In her free time, she enjoys walking, going to yoga, and riding her bicycle around the town of Carbondale.

  • Jillian Sessoms, MS, LCAS, CCS-I, MT, FAMI
    Jillian Sessoms, MS, LCAS, CCS-I, MT, FAMI
    Senior Coulselor

    Jillian Sessoms, MS, LCAS, CCS-I, MT, FAMI

    Jillian believes taking a holistic approach to treatment offers the greatest opportunity for healing. She is a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist, Music Therapist, and Practitioner of the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music. Jillian has worked with a wide range of populations including: children, adolescents, adults with metal health and substance use disorders, as well as hospice and end of life palliative care. 


    However, she is most passionate about helping others obtain freedom from the chains of addiction. She believes that Recovery is truly a transformative experience that requires finding meaning and stepping fully into ones True Self.  When not traveling the world, Jillian enjoys a good book, a strong cup of coffee, and great conversation. 

  • Amy Vespa, MA, LPC, MAC
    Amy Vespa, MA, LPC, MAC
    Senior Counselor
  • Jacquie Wheeler, MA, LPC, CACIII
    Jacquie Wheeler, MA, LPC, CACIII
    Solutions Program Supervisor

    Jacquie Wheeler, MA, LPC, CACIII

    Jacquie is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Addictions Counselor, Level III.  Jacquie has a Master of Arts Degree in Somatic Psychology from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.  In addition she has a background in education and received a Master of Science from SUNY Cortland.

    Prior to working at Jaywalker Lodge, Jacquie was the Program Director and psychotherapist for Pyramid Peaks Counseling Center in Carbondale, Colorado.  She had a private practice in Boulder and was employed as a counselor at the Boulder County Addiction Recovery Center.  She has worked with adults, adolescents and their families.  She has extensive training and experience using methods such as Tension Releasing Exercises, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, EMDR and BodyMind Psychotherapy.

    Jacquie enjoys swimming, playing golf and relaxing with good friends.  The four seasons in the mountains brings numerous opportunities to be out in nature.

  • Brendon Kerton, MA, LPC, LAC
    Brendon Kerton, MA, LPC, LAC
    Solutions Program Counselor

    Brendon Kerton, MA, LPC, LAC

    In 2007 I came to Jaywalker Lodge seeking treatment for alcoholism and addiction.   I fell in love with not only Jaywalker but Carbondale and The Roaring Fork Valley.  After completing treatment I stayed, worked on my sobriety and the friendships I made while at Jaywalker.  After two years of continuous sobriety I applied to and was accepted into The Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies in Center City, MN.  I received my Master’s Degree in Addiction Counseling in 2011.  After graduation I was hired by The Right Door, an outpatient treatment facility in Aspen, CO.  From January 2011 until September 2012 I worked with members of The Roaring Fork Community seeking outpatient counseling and group therapy for issues related to addiction.  I came to Jaywalker Lodge at the end of September 2012 to supervise The Landing Program at Jaywalker Lodge.

    In addition to my work as a counselor I am an avid skier, multiple time marathon finisher and Ironman Triathlete and strive to bring the message to all of our clients at Jaywalker Lodge that in sobriety, “anything is possible!”

  • Patrick Young, MA, CACII
    Patrick Young, MA, CACII
    Landing Program Counselor

    Patrick Young, MA, CACII

    Pat was first introduced to both Jaywalker and 12-Step Recovery in 2009, when he reached out for help with his drug and alcohol addiction.  Following completion of Jaywalker’s Solutions program, he returned to his home in Durango, Colorado, where he acquired a job writing for a local newspaper, finished his bachelor’s degree, and became an active participant in the sober community.

    Wanting to pursue a career in a helping profession, Pat returned to school at The Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies, where he gained valuable experience working in Hazelden’s Men’s primary and extended care programs.  He also spent time working at The Retreat, a renowned, intensive 12-Step immersion program.  Pat graduated with his Master’s in addiction counseling in 2013,became a Minnesota Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and began work as a counselor at a Twin Cities based methadone clinic.

    It was a not-so-secret fact that Pat longed for an excuse to return to Colorado.  His dream came true when, in April, 2014, he was hired as a counselor in Jaywalker’s Lodge program.  A Colorado Certified Addiction Counselor (CAC-II), Pat brings a skill set that includes training in CBT, Motivational Interviewing, and 12-Step Facilitation.  Pat believes in the importance and value of learning to enjoy life in sobriety and, when he is able, makes it a point to participate in client outings and expeditions.

    Pat is an active member of the local recovery community.  He credits his sobriety with helping him to reconnect with his family, establish meaningful and lasting friendships, and rediscover his love of the outdoors, particularly hiking, camping, backpacking and skiing.

  • Griffin Jarzombek, CACII,
    Griffin Jarzombek, CACII,
    Director of Outpatient Services
  • Henry Maxwell, CACII
    Henry Maxwell, CACII
    Certified Addiction Counselor
  • Stacy Lee Eldredge, MA
    Stacy Lee Eldredge, MA
    Spiritual & Mindfulness Coach

    Stacy Lee Eldredge, MA

    Born and raised in Southern California, Stacy feels like she found “Heaven on Earth” once she moved to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado! Stacy holds a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing from University of Santa Monica and currently serves as a Spiritual Counselor at Jaywalker Lodge.

    Spiritual Counseling – independent of religious affiliation or preferences – assists the clients in cultivating the qualities that are all hallmarks of the Healing Consciousness including Compassion, Acceptance, Gratitude, Authenticity, Peace, Joy, and Unconditional Loving. In a safe and supportive environment, each individual client is recognized, honored, and respected. They are empowered to identify and resolve long-held judgments, limiting beliefs, misidentifications, and conditioned patterns in service to the deeper revelation of who they truly are—Loving, Peaceful, Compassionate, and Joyful Divine Beings using their human experience for growth and fulfillment. As clients awaken to these qualities, they naturally begin living into their life purpose, transforming their lives and making a meaningful contribution in the world around them. Instead of relying on substances, clients learn to love themselves as they take their next steps toward greater wholeness, sobriety, health, and authentic empowerment.

    Stacy has a gift for connecting with people and helping them reframing challenges as opportunities for growth and healing. She facilitates clients to move out of the “victim role” based on self-judgment, fear and shame to living an empowered life centered around self-worth, honesty, and belonging.

    Above all, Stacy is most grateful for her sobriety and how her own journey led her to work with others who struggle with addiction. Stacy is a loving mom, devoted wife, trusted friend, and enjoys participating in the sober community that Carbondale offers.

    In her free time, Stacy enjoys being outdoors experiencing the four seasons, hiking with her dogs, yoga, meditating near the river, and spending time with family and friends.

    Stacy’s favorite quote, “Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do.”

    – Brene Brown

  • Alex Colins
    Alex Colins
    Director of Operations

    Alex Colins

    Alex is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and attended Ohio Wesleyan University.  He has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is currently working to receive his CAC Licensure.  Alex would like to become a counselor, he wants to help other addicts find the success in recover in which he has received.

    Alex enjoys weightlifting, movies, and doing martial arts.  Alex played football and lacrosse in college.  While he is currently in exceptional health, Alex is a type 1 diabetic.  He feels as if his experiences at Jaywalker have given him an entirely new lease on life.

  • Ben Marbach
    Ben Marbach
    Residential Manager
  • Cordes Symmes, CACI
    Cordes Symmes, CACI
    Solutions Program Coordinator
  • Michael Koscielski
    Michael Koscielski
    Landing Program Coordinator

Administrative Staff

  • Donnie Hagenbart
    Donnie Hagenbart
    National Marketing Director

    Donnie Hagenbart

    Donnie grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. At an early age, it was clear Donnie was meant for something bigger, something better. He grew up playing sports and spending all his time outdoors. By his teenage years, drugs and alcohol had become a problem. In February 2010, Donnie checked into Jaywalker Lodge. Little did he know, but this was his something bigger, his something better. He has since, dedicated his life to helping others find love and passion in their lives, without the use of drugs and alcohol.


    Over the past 6 years, Donnie has worked in several roles within the substance abuse treatment field. He started his career here at Jaywalker as the Jaywalker U Program Coordinator. Since, he has worked as the director of admissions, director of outreach, and is now the National Marketing Director.


    Donnie is directly responsible for building and maintaining relationships with like-minded treatment centers and individuals to expand the possibilities available to clients of all ages.

  • Ryan Silberberg
    Ryan Silberberg
    Director of Admissions

    Ryan Silberberg

    Ryan started his life in the addiction field as a patient.  As a “distinguished” alumnus of six different treatment centers, it’s safe to say the Ryan does not have a “one and done” recovery story.  Undeniably, part of Ryan’s passion for his work stems from the reality that for the majority of his fight to find recovery he was never afforded a personalized intervention experience customized to his specific needs.  This resulted in participating time and again in treatment programs that were not a good fit for him.  That is until he found Jaywalker Lodge in 2012.

    Since finding long term recovery, Ryan has made helping others struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health challenges his personal and professional passion.  Ryan has worked at every level of the addiction continuum- from helping folks in the acute detoxification stage, to supporting clients in finding appropriate primary care treatment, and working as a recovery coach and residential manager in extended care and transitional living settings, Ryan truly has a depth of experience that’s invaluable to the clients and families he works with.

    Ryan’s personal journey, professional experience, addiction counselor training, and interventionist training make him well qualified for his role as Director of Admissions here at Jaywalker Lodge.

    In his spare time Ryan loves spending time with his wife and their dogs in the majestic Roaring Fork Valley.  His hobbies include: fly fishing, hiking, skiing, biking, and golfing.

  • John Schneier
    John Schneier
    Director of Alumni and Marketing

    John Schneier

    John grew up in New Jersey with his parents and younger brother. He spent his childhood years playing sports, catching frogs, and skiing in the mild slopes of Pennsylvania. At the age of 15 John began to develop a habit of encountering alcohol, drugs, and law enforcement. Those habits grew over the years until he was a full blown addict living on the streets in different states across the western U.S. In 2008, after many previous failed treatment attempts, John was given one last shot at Jaywalker Lodge. He went through the Lodge and Solutions, then became a regular member of the alumni volunteer contingent. John spent the next few years of his recovery in many different roles at Jaywalker from alumni services to marketing and outreach, but none was as true to his heart as the close work with Jaywalker graduates. John is currently the alumni coordinator, devoting his time to improving the recovery experience of all men who graduate from our continuum.

  • Lauri Winslow
    Lauri Winslow
    Director of Insurance Relations and Billing

    Lauri Winslow

    Lauri comes to Jaywalker Lodge from Estes Park, Co where she lived for over 30 years.  Lauri loves to travel and has been to all 50 states and Africa.  Next is Asia!  She also enjoys hiking and bike riding and is a huge Bronco fan!

    Lauri has been in the insurance field for over 9 years and loves it.  It is her goal to have the process go smoothly for our clients and to leave no insurance claim unresolved!

  • Brian Trom
    Brian Trom
    Executive Chef

    Brian Trom

    Brian was born and raised just outside of Chicago, spending time in his youth visiting family and skiing at Snowmass Resort (one of the four Aspen ski areas).

    Brian left the Midwest to study at the University of Northern Colorado, where he received his B.A. in Social Sciences. While studying in college, he worked part-time at an Italian restaurant where he learned basic culinary technique. Looking to further expand his culinary experience, Brian moved to Aspen and continued learning at the Ritz-Carlton under the tutelage of Chef Matthew Zubrod, a 14-year veteran of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company and James Beard recipient. Brian brings a healthy enthusiasm for skiing, a friendly attitude and a refined culinary skill set to Jaywalker Lodge.

  • Penny Brown
    Penny Brown
    Administrative Coordinator

    Penny Brown

    Originally from North Central Illinois, Penny and her family spent many summers vacationing in Colorado.  The dream of living in the Roaring Fork Valley came true when they moved here in February 2011.  Penny has spent the majority of her working career in customer service.  She brings a true passion and love for helping people to Jaywalker Lodge.

    Penny and her husband reside in Glenwood Springs along with their daughter and two sons.  Penny loves all that this valley and Colorado have to offer.  Penny says, “It feels as if every day is a vacation day, living in this beautiful valley.”  In her spare time, she can usually be found with her camera out taking landscape and flower photographs.  She also enjoys spending her time hiking, gardening, learning to snowboard, spending time with her family and exploring the back roads of Colorado.

  • Lynn Sanson
    Lynn Sanson
    Expedition Director

    Lynn Sanson

    Lynn has served as Expedition Director at Jaywalker Lodge since August of 2005.  He has a BS in Recreation Management From the University of Montana and an MA in Education from The Claremont Graduate University.


    His work as Expedition Director is an extension of his personal passion for helping others experience the life transforming possibilities in the outdoors.  It is in those environments and experiences where we meet our frailty and strength head on.  Engaging oneself in that challenge is where lives begin a process of change.


    Lynn enjoys road biking, skiing and rock climbing, but mostly rock climbing.

  • David Krimstock
    David Krimstock
    Expedition Assistant

    David Krimstock

    David grew up in Boulder, Colorado where he was no stranger to an active, outdoor lifestyle.  After graduating from Boulder High School in 2009, he attended Ft. Lewis College, and his drug and alcohol addiction spiraled out of control, reaching a terrible bottom within a year.  A cycle of treatment and relapse followed until David reached Jaywalker Lodge.  At 20 years old, he was reconnected to his outdoor passions such as mountain biking, rock climbing, and backcountry skiing with the help of the Expedition program and the dedicated alumni community.  This community helped him realize the necessity of a balanced life, involving 12 step work, as well as the pursuit of the outdoors.
    For the past 4 years, David has been working with the Expedition Director, Lynn Sanson, as part of the Expedition Team.  This allows him to give back to the clients at Jaywalker the experience that was fundamental to his recovery from the disease of addiction.  He feels truly blessed to have this opportunity.
    As a gift of David’s recovery, he has become an example to the clients as to what is possible in sobriety.  He is a professional mountain bike racer, competing in 100 mile races such as the Leadville Trail 100, and has become one of the top endurance athletes in the country.