Month: November 2016

There is one key to happiness: Gratitude

By: Dirk Eldredge“There is one key to happiness: Gratitude. Gratitude and discontent cannot co-exist. They’re like light and darkness. Choose Gratitude daily and you will find joy.” Seems so simple right………. My recovery makes everything else possible in my life. Being a Father , a husband , a friend and a member of our family. All of this I’m most grateful for. Yet, losing sight of the light I  found through gratitude, while I drop back into darkness, is so easy to do. During this holiday, I hope each of us can find peace and centeredness through the absolute abundance of grace we have been granted. Tell everyone close to you that you love them and you appreciate them, as they may be gone tomorrow. During this season I want to “Pause” and just “Be”. How about realizing that we are all in this together and that Love is the…

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Dance and Tell

By: Patrick  Shaffer For as long as I can recall, dancing has made me extremely uncomfortable.  Don’t get me wrong, I love music of all types, when singing in my truck I have been called, ‘the songbird of my generation.’  I am not sure if fear, perception, or inexperience inhibits me, but I was presented with an impromptu opportunity to further explore.  Ron Armstrong and Heather Hayward made their way to Colorado for a visit, and after hearing them describe their vision of Dance and Tell, I felt obligated to share my vulnerability. As a man in recovery, I have learned to thrive in uncomfortable situations; to walk through them with support of others around me.  Ron detailed how perfect he can be in a professional environment, yet, struggle in raw self-expression and dance, I relate. I thought, “shoot, this is one of those times I have to speak up.” …

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